Jewelry Maintenance

Jewelry Maintenance


Wear your jewelry after you have sprayed your deodorant. Perfumes and lotions have harmful chemicals which would damage the surface of your favorite bijoux.

Never bathe or swim wearing jewelry. Chlorinated and salt water changes the structure of your favorite bijou and reactions might occur which make the color change.

Avoid wearing any jewel when you are playing contact sports. They are rough and wearing them during these game sessions could tear away your fragile jewelry. Sweat also affects the jewelry, thus it would be best to remove them.

To clean your Swarovski jewelry, you can use mild warm water and add a few drops of mild soap to it. Then immerse the piece into the solution and leave it for a few minutes. Remove the jewel after some time and pat dry it using a soft towel. Let it naturally dried before you store it back. Never use a tissue paper to remove any dirt or grime which might have become attached to the surface.

Protect your jewelry from falls, scratches and bumps against solid objects. Do not expose to high temperatures. Store them in the original box or bag.