Swarovski Elements & Crystals



Since the early 20th century, Crystal by Swarovski has played a key role in designer jewelry and accessories based on complex yet flawless faceting that refracts light and sparkles like no other crystal on the market.


Being the world's finest quality crystal, Swarovski is the world's leading producer of cut crystal for over a century. Also known as austrian crystal, it is named after Daniel Swarovski who patented the automatic cutting machine along with a special crystal-cutting technique to give the crystal its flawless, precision cut. 

With a lead content of 32%, it's considered to be a full lead crystal. The high lead content contributes to the crystal's extra weight, clarity, and incredible sparkle. The lead maximizes light refraction and reflection, causing dancing beams of light and prismatic colors to magically burst out from all angles of the crystal... fascinatingly beautiful!

A very popular feature added to the surface of some crystals is a metallic coating that gives it an even more striking appearance, the most popular of which is called Aurora Borealis (AB). This coating diffuses light into a rainbow spectrum, giving the surface a rainbow oil slick appearance that is just stunning! When this coating is added to a clear, colorless crystal, the color is known as Crystal ABThis is a very popular color choice for these crystals probably because it gives the crystal a striking, fiery appearance similar to that of a diamond, yet even more striking! 

These crystals are unmatched in quality, distinction, innovation, and brilliance. They are precious masterpieces of perfection, timeless beauty, and enchanting elegance that will take your breath away. They are even more beautiful in person than they are in a photo. A photo cannot capture the beauty and the colorful prismatic effects of these crystals. You have to see them in front of you to know what they really look like. Be ready to say "wow"!